Super Jean Francois Plomb in concert live at TMA!

Aanstaande dinsdag 23-3-2010 is er in Villa Grijpsheert vanaf 21.00 uur een optreden van Super Jean Francois Plomb en Mathias Forge. Deze franse muziekkunstenaars maken gebruik van een aantal zeer speciale Theo's mechanische aap verantwoorde muziekinstrumenten. De zaal is open vanaf 20.00 uur. De toegang is vijf euro.

:: Super Jean Francois Plomb (F) ::

Super Jean is a sound artist. After studies on the art school of Lyon and the FAC d' Visual arts of St. Etienne, he gradually turned to sculpturing large sound installations; mobiles and programmed random mechanics. It directed him towards a more musical installation by using contrasting elements in the current portable formula. Jean Francois uses suitcases filled with small simple mechanics and hanging electric motors: oldfashioned suitcases open to the public for listening ... the sound of rubbing on various surfaces is hypertrophied by the amplifiers that vibrate, that click, that whistle ... of the small gravels that roll and a small surface which trembles. All mixed and controlled by special consoles for each suitcase : he knows how to tidal wave in a puddle ...

:: Mathias Forge (F) ::

Morge likes playing Thelonious Monk's tunes and/or/but actually, he is a trombonist in several bands like Le Grotorkestre, La Baskour, L'Ogre and Les Arcandiers. He likes mixing his music with dancers, writers, painters or artisans and is a Great Improvisor. He, Leo Dumont, Cyril Epinat and Thierry Moulat created the MICRO association to promote improvisation throughout the country around Roanne and the Cote Roannaise.